Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale: Too Far Gone

Brian “Phil” Blake, aka ‘The Governor’, was a notorious villain. We know. But that doesn’t mean that he was the brightest color in the crayon box too. To try and overtake the prison so he can reclaim his authority is one thing. But to use a tank and destroy it in the process is highly ineffective and impractical. Now he’s (presumably) dead — we didn’t actually see him get shot and Lilly’s hands were shaking when she pulled the trigger — and the prison is useless. But perhaps that’s the way he wanted it…if he can’t occupy the prison then no one can. Except Rick offered him a peace treaty so they could all live, separate but equal albeit, and he chose not to accept the offer. He was just too far gone to be able to rationalize that way. Now Hershel’s dead (*ugly cry*), poor baby Judith is missing (or worse), and Rick and crew have to find secure shelter yet again.

On behalf of humanity in a post apocalyptic fictional world, thank you Mr. Governor for your unnecessarily brazen, foolhardy behavior. And by ‘thank you’ I mean ‘to hell with you.’ It’s a good thing Michonne is such a badass.


Sidebar: Rick should be thanking Carol for teaching those little girls how to hold their own.


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