Presenting Malika Lipscomb! The talented new writer for EC Magazine! Her first piece written for the magazine!


Meet S-Dot Stoute — one of New York City’s newest and most promising DJ’s on the rise and grind.

S-Dot, whose birth name is Shawn, was born/raised/currently resides in New York’s most populous borough of Brooklyn. He first took up an interest in the art of DJ-ing in 2007 and decided to go professional in 2010. Since then, he’s been playing at all types of events (private parties, clubs, weddings, etc.) throughout the city. In addition to this, his presence is felt even more so by way of his downloadable free mixtapes that are to this day creating a buzz for music lovers not just in New York, but in other states, countries and islands as well.

S-Dot cites prominent DJ’s, such as “Red Alert, Mister Cee, Funk Master Flex, Stone Love, Massive B and anybody [else] who was on NY radio in the 90’s [and] early 2000’s” as his…

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