Google Buys Nest Labs in $3.2 Billion Deal

Google Buys Nest Labs

The “connected home” is a concept that power company Google has been pursuing for the past three years. In 2011, it introduced Android@Home — an innovative, convenience-focused platform that aimed to connect most home appliances/electronic devices to Android-powered phones via Google. The idea was to be able to control apparatuses, such as house lights, cars and TVs, right from the comfort of your own phone. Android@Home, in particular, never quite caught on the way Google intended, but the idea still lives. On Monday, Jan. 13, 2014, Google announced that a similar project was in the making — this time, it involves a $3.2 billion deal with device-developing company, Nest Labs.

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Superstorm Sandy: Second Scandal for Gov. Christie

Governor Chris Christie Sandy Scandal
In a CNN exclusive Monday, reporters found that federal auditors will be examining New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s use of $25 million in Super Storm Sandy relief funds.

Officials have reason to believe that the Republican governor may have improperly allotted some of the money towards personal tourism ads as opposed to recovery from the destructive hurricane in October 2012.

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House Passes Obamacare Bill

Obamacare Bill Passed

On Friday, Jan. 10, 2014, the House of Representatives passed a new bill involving Obamacare. Bill 291-122 is the first bill passed by the Republican-led House for the new year, and its main focus is rectifying controversial security issues with, the Affordable Care Act’s newest website.

With the passing of Bill 291-122, Administration will have to notify the proper persons, within two days, of any individual that’s been affected by the security breach, according to an article on CNN.

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